Transportation & Installation

Lightweight Structure Installations for Offshore Wellhead Facilities

Landas Offshore has successfully installed the first ZEEPod design platform at water depth of 70m for Malaysian's major oil company. This installation was spearhead by local PMT & construction team.

The biggest achievement is when Landas Offshore achieved ZERO LTI even though this is the first installation for this type of platform.

The installation is different from conventional platform design and require various installation aids & procedure to ensure platform vertically and levelness.

T&I Partners & Affiliate

Landas Offshore in-house engineering team work together with few other engineering & design consultant to ensure smooth safe installations. All analysis & procedure will be review & approved by MWS & client before offshore campaign commence.

Exclusive Partner :
1. (LWS) Platform Design - Seahorse Upstream (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Strategic Partners :
1. T&I Engineering - Aquastruction Sdn. Bhd.
2. Offshore Construction Vessels - Guangzhou Salvage (China)

Project Highlights 2019

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